Party Guidelines:

Large groups: Any group of 6 or more should call in advance to make sure we have space to seat the group together. Small groups of 5 or less can almost always be accommodated without a reservation. 

Parties During Business Hours: 

To reserve space for a party, please call at least a week in advance, but we recommend up to a month in advance to ensure availability, especially for any Saturday during the school year. We will always do our best to work with you to schedule party reservations. 

There is a $25 nonrefundable deposit required to reserve the space. This amount comes out of your total at the end of the party. You may come in to the store and choose items for participants to paint in advance, or you can give the participants a dollar limit and allow them to choose what they want.

The party will be scheduled for 90 minutes for children 8 or younger. Parties for kids age 9 or older and adults are scheduled for up to 2 hours. 

We will have the tables set up for the number of people you reserve space for. We need to know the total number of people attending the party, whether they plan to paint or not, so that we can be sure to have a space set up that accommodates everyone. If your party is larger than 16 people, we will ask you to book the party before or after hours or on a Monday. We cannot close the store during regular business hours for a party.

In order for the paint and glaze to adhere properly to the pottery pieces, they must be clean and free of any contaminants, so we ask that the participants always paint first and then the party host may serve either cake or cupcakes and drinks after the painting is complete. For those same reasons, we request that you do not bring additional food into the studio unless you have booked the studio after hours. This is to help ensure that other customers have a clean studio to paint in. You must provide all of your own party supplies. 

Children's birthday parties: Please make sure you have at least 2 adults for any party with more than 6-8 kids attending, especially if the guests are age 8 or younger. You are the host of the party and supervision of the children is the responsibility of the party host. We are available to do an introduction about the painting and assist painters as needed.

Please go over the following rules with your group, if necessary. 

1. Please walk inside the studio

2. Please use your inside voices 

3. Please be respectful of other customers in the studio, they are here to enjoy painting, too. 

4. Please ask for help if you need it

5. Please do not waste paint or make big messes with the paint and water. If you do, please clean up your mess.

6. Please do not touch other people's work. Look with your eyes only. 

After-hours Parties:

Parties can be scheduled during off hours with a minimum group size of 14 people, at a minimum rate of $14 per person to book the entire studio. If on the day of the party less than the minimum 14 people attend, you will still be charged for a group of 14 at the minimum rate of $14 per person, for those that did not show up. There is a $25 nonrefundable deposit required to reserve the space.

Morning reservations for 14 or more can be made from 9-11. Evening groups can be scheduled from 6-8 pm. The entire studio can be booked for parties of 14 or more for 2 hour periods on Mondays, when the store is usually closed.

All before- or after-hours parties are based on staff availability.

Additional food and drink may be brought in during after-hours parties. You must provide all of your own party supplies.

Have your next Birthday, Anniversary, Family Reunion, Graduation, Office Retreat, Retirement, Bridal or Baby shower or any other get together at the Earth Fire Art studio. We take reservations for small groups of 4-6, large parties of up to 14, or you can host your party using the entire studio after hours. Let us know about your ideas and we will see if we can work with you to make your party a great success. Prices typically start at $12-$14 per person. Prices are based on the pottery you choose to paint, there are no extra fees.

Schedule your next party at Earth Fire Art!