Step 3: Paint your pottery.

We have a great selection of paints to choose from and a variety of art supplies to assist you in adding design and detail to your piece. Please add your name or initials onto your piece with paint or a glaze pencil. Your piece may look different after firing, so we check names at pick up. Please pay for your pottery before you leave.

Step 2: Choose a table and have a seat.

Wash your pottery down with a sponge and water provided at the table. All pottery should be wiped down before painting to make sure the paint and glaze adhere to the pottery properly during the firing process. 


Step 5: Pick up your finished piece.

Staff will wrap your pottery in paper and put it in a bag for you to take home. If you are from out of town, we can ship for the cost estimate from plus a small fee for time and materials. 

​Step 4: Now it's our turn.

We will dip your pottery piece into a clear coat of glaze and fire the item within 4-7 days. Pottery takes time, we cannot speed up the process. Please plan for up to a week turnaround time. 

Step 1: Choose a piece of pottery to paint. 

Prices are marked on the bottom of each item and that price includes the whole process.

Per piece prices average $12-$30. Prices range $5-$150.